GPC Convention: Nebulous Political Eye-Candy

The Green Party of Canada has announced that it will hold its national policy convention in Pictou County (read: Central Nova), September 5-7. Yawn.

David Suzuki may or may not address the Green convention slated for Pictou County. Green parties have been riding on Mr. Suzuki’s coattails for close to 25 years, up to and including lobbying him to run on the Green ticket. I should know because, as the Corresponding Secretary for the BC Greens in 1984, I was doing the pitch. He has since appeared as a speaker at Green functions, but it would seem that he will not allow himself to be railroaded into being a Green candidate.

So just what is it that David Suzuki and Al Gore have in common that prevents their names from being affiliated with the Greens? The citizens of Central Nova may wish to ponder that question, or not.

As I stated in a letter to The New Glasgow News when Ms. May announced her non-aggression pact in Central Nova with Stephane Dion, the GPC will likely max out at 10% of voter support (with no seats), which is where the party currently sits, and then start to spin its wheels. If Ms. May has any room left in her mouth for more feet, then public support could easily fall far short of that. The reason for this is that the national hard-core granola demographic likely maxes out at somewhere around 10%. The leap to Mr. and Ms. Main Street is a political span of light years. Ms. May’s leap into the arms of Stephane Dion, however, is a much shorter distance.

Will there be any political payback for the Greens from holding this convention in Pictou County? Not according to The News’ own opinion poll. Had the GPC’s communications director not resigned in protest over the May-Dion pact, they may have figured that one out in advance. The convention is yet another brilliant strategic call by the GPC brain trust. But it sure serves the purposes of Ms. May to keep western delegates at bay while pandering to the neophytes of the Nova Scotia Green Party.

It’s over. It’s time to bite the bullet, become Griberals and work towards the great touchy-feely nanny state wherein individuals will be cuddled and hugged from birth to death.


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