Provincial Atlantica Party

I met to-day with Jonathan Dean, Leader of the provincial Atlantica Party.

We agreed that the existence of a provincial party promoting Maritime Union in no way conflicts with my Indpendent’s call for the creation of a federal Atlantica Alliance Party (see Political Statement). Quite the opposite, we agreed that such two political entities in The Maritimes stand to be mutually-beneficial, much like the strategic relationship shared by the Bloc Québécois and Parti Québécois.

First crawl, then walk, then run.

Why the New Glasgow News did not cover my Press Release: An Hypothesis

(The following is extracted from an exchange in The News, February 15, 2008. To see the full exchange, please visit here.)

James, let me give you a current sample of some hypothetical media manipulation right here in our own little Dogpatch. I ask you to follow the bouncing ball. On February 12th I submitted a press release to The News announcing the platform for my pending Central Nova independent candidacy. Included was the date of March 10th for a nomination meeting at Summer Street Industries open to all (a nice benefit of not being locked into a riding association). It is now the 15th with no story and calls not being returned by the editor, yet we have had leading stories dealing with suspicious packages, flue fires and ticks.

The ball is bouncing. The community is dependent for its printed news on a monopoly. That monopoly in turn is a tiny division of a large corporation headquartered in Montreal, Transcontinental Media, to be exact. There is a politician whose riding is in Montreal and who happens to be the leader of the Federal Liberal Party. All politicians require money. Said politician has cut a backroom non-aggression deal with the leader of another political party, parachuting her into Central Nova. This latter politician, in turn, has a dedicated weekly column in The News (remember, the monopoly), at the exclusion of other candidates, declared and pending. She also has a Riding Association that has absolutely zero dollars in its accounts as of the last reporting period with Elections Canada, whereas the Liberal Riding Association that has been taken out of the electoral loop is topped up at over $10,000. Might there be some favours being called in, and if yes, then by whom?


(Note: The above should be read within the context of pending inquiries to 1. the Canadian Newspaper Association, in particular re its Statement of Principles, wherein it is stated: The newspaper should strive to paint a representative picture of its diverse communities, to encourage the expression of disparate views and to be accessible and accountable to the readers it serves, whether rich or poor, weak or powerful, minority or majority; and to 2. Elections Canada.)

It’s all hypothetical of course. One works with and makes conjectures from the evidence at hand. Did you follow the bouncing ball? There is an old Irish saying: A hound is yet a pup until it has learned how to hunt. It has nothing to do with paranoia, but more to do with adhering to some basic Colombo principles, i.e. follow the money.

If you have read this post, then it has not been nuked. FYI, you are more than welcome to view my platform at

(Should this post get deleted, please note that the string of posts up to this point has already been printed, suitable for faxing.)

Political Statement, Independent Candidacy, Central Nova

Global warming is a given. In spite of what is claimed by befuddled flat-earthers, the Canadian public is of one opinion that the environment is its number one concern. In short time, the public will also come to the realization that concern over the economy is not secondary to concern over the environment, but primary. The pending political slogan, “It’s the environment, stupid,” is tantamount.

The nation’s mainstream political parties have followed suit to the public’s concerns. Over the last several years, these parties have fallen over themselves to develop Green policies, ranging from the banal to the ludicrous. Wisdom, courage and leadership have been betrayed by electoral spin for political favour. The Kyoto Protocol was too late by at least 25 years.

What all parties, the Green Party of Canada inclusive, hold in common re their differing environmental policies is a common premise. It is the premise that an ecological catastrophe and related social hardships can be averted by endorsing their particular environmental platform. This is a blatant misperception and falsehood.

All political parties, except one, can be relatively forgiven for not being more forthright with the Canadian public and charting a courageous and realistic course to tackle the challenges and dimensions of true eco-politics for the coming century. The governing Conservatives can be forgiven for a philosophical and moral blindness bordering on the insane. The Liberals can be forgiven for attaching themselves onto anything that might possibly translate into power and privilege. The NDP can be forgiven for being historically irrelevant. The party that cannot be forgiven for its timid and narrow political stance is the Green Party.

Global warming is but one of three factors constituting the socio-political triad of industrial civilization’s collapse. The other two points of this triad are global overpopulation and peak oil. To deny this interrelated triad of global transition relegates mainstream politicians as pre-Copernican monks mumbling into their beards the empty platitudes of an earth-centered and false heliocentricity. It is a simple fact that global overpopulation and peak oil have never been brought into public discourse by our political parties. The one party that may have been in a position to do so, the Green Party, has betrayed and abandoned its historical principles and responsibility by pandering to short-sighted and opportunistic drool. In a severe and paradoxical twist, this leaves the nanny Green Party as the most irresponsible, least trustworthy and most deceptive of all for addressing the political challenges at hand.

Industrial civilization is not merely in decline, it has entered the end-game, with all the squalid and amoral machinations of a decayed empire that accompany such historical epochs. The social, economic and political consequences of this historic transition constitute a bullet that cannot be dodged. It is that simple. The end of industrial civilization is neither good nor bad; it merely is. It is not the first time, nor will it be the last (assuming the human race survives), that a civilization has outlived and outstripped its institutional purposes, and collapsed.

As such, and as an independent candidate acknowledging that bioregional survival trumps vacant political posturing and, seeking the endorsement of the Central Nova electorate, I put forth the following for the electorate’s consideration.

Ø Recognizing the eco-political primacy and necessity of decentralization and jurisdictional bioregions, I propose the creation of a new federal political party, tentatively called The Atlantica Alliance Party. Such a regional political entity would accomplish the following for Maritimers:

1. Transfer the recognition of a legitimate commercial and cultural designation to a historically necessary political designation.

2. Empower the Atlantica negotiating position at the federal table with a unified block of 34 ridings (all Maritime ridings plus two from The Gaspé). Atlantica would thus possess an equal electoral leverage as currently held by British Columbia (at 36) and Alberta (at 28). This is essential in order to: a./ secure necessary leverage and funding for ecological crises of a particular bioregional nature, and; b./ establish alliances with other non-central Canadian jurisdictions to prevent a fiscal run on the nation’s treasury to unduly bail out the industrial infrastructure of Ontario and Quebec.

3. Return integrity and a necessary pre-Confederation commonality-of-vision to The Maritimes. As long as Maritimers allow themselves to remain divided along Liberal/Conservative lines, they remain conquered.

Ø Via a Private Member’s Bill, introduce to the House of Commons a motion to conduct a feasibility study of the Confederation Bridge (which returns to Federal management in 2032) to determine if a tidal turbine fence can be incorporated into the structure. If not too late, such measure could salvage the TrentonWorks plant. Should such a tidal turbine project be feasible it would deliver hydro self-sufficiency for Atlantica and negate the senseless building of a proposed second nuclear reactor in New Brunswick.

Ø Via a Private Member’s Bill, introduce to the House of Commons a motion to call for a review of the Constitution Act with the aim of reflecting a post-industrial institutional mosaic and template for the nation as opposed to a dated industrial one.

Ø Via a Private Member’s Bill, introduce to the House of Commons a motion to introduce legislation for the creation of an Environmental Emergency Act so that at times of pending ecological and social crises the Government of the day is not called upon to introduce the draconian War Measure’s Act.

Ø Via a Private Member’s Bill, introduce to the House of Commons a motion, as a gesture of hope to all peoples during this critical century of transition and to truly establish Canada as a proactive peace keeper, to instruct our Ambassador to the United Nations to introduce a motion at that body to change the name of our planetary home to Gaia (pronounced guy-ah).

Ø Lastly, to send a concrete gesture to the citizens of Central Nova that, because in short time we will all have to learn to do with less, I will donate from the obscene MP’s base salary of $150,800, twenty-five percent of the net, i.e. approximately $22,000, to three Central Nova charities of my choosing.

All Central Nova electors are invited to attend an open nomination meeting for Mr. Ronin’s independent candidacy to be held at Summer Street Industries, March 10, 2008, 7:00 P.M. Further nomination meetings are slated for Antigonish, Guysborough and Sheet Harbour.

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