Novacadia Independence Party, Draft Principles

Foster and encourage the principle that pending ecological degradation and attendant social crises as a consequence of depleted global oil reserves and global warming will engender drastic reformulation of social, economic and political institutions.

Recognize the social, economic and political consequences that will unfold during this century of depleted global oil reserves and global warming, and formulate policies accordingly.

Transfer the recognition of a legitimate economic and cultural designation comprising the Maritime provinces to a historically necessary political designation called Novacadia.

Return integrity, self-determination and a necessary pre-Confederation commonality-of-vision to the Novacadia bioregion.

Foster and encourage the eco-political principles of institutional decentralization and recognition of identifiable bioregions as self-governing political jurisdictions.

Support and promote the political notion of Maritime Union for the Atlantic provinces and regions consisting of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and the Gaspé Peninsula.

Foster, encourage and support the creation of provincial Novacadia parties in the Maritime provinces which will recognize and support the constitutional principles contained herein.

Support and promote a political affiliation, under the identity of Novacadia, of the Maritime provinces with the American New England states of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, up to and including the right and necessity of secession from the Canadian and American nation states in order to create the Republic of Novacadia.

Support and promote ecological principles for bioregional stewardship.

Foster and encourage the principle that no individual or group shall initiate the use of force or fraud against any other or as a means of achieving political, economic or social goals.

Support the principle that the right to own private property is essential to the preservation of human liberty and integrity.

Support the principle that privileges, monopolies, and powers that certain private and public corporations have won from government threaten the health, prosperity, and liberty of the common weal and that such corporations have greatly compromised free enterprise and self-government by the people.


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