The Ghost of Thomas Jefferson

“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President of U.S. (1743-1826), Letter to the Secretary of the Treasury Albert Gallatin (1802)

Within the context of the current global financial meltdown, this quote of Thomas Jefferson is gettng a lot of “air time” in the blogosphere. To include it in this blog does no harm.

For those whose curiosity goes beyond the front-page prattle of the corporate media, the following two articles on the financial malaise may prove worthwhile. Behind the Panic: Financial Warfare and the Future of Global Bank Power, by F. William Engdahl; Down the Rabbit Hole Towards a New Economic World Order, by Simon Davies and Donald Hunt.

The Internet offers numerous alternative red pills, i.e. news sources. To quote from the same literary source that gave us the “rabbit hole”: “Feed your head.”

Mind Artillery VI, EU Calls for New World Governance

Prior to flying off to Washington to meet with President Bush last week, French President Nicolas Sarkozy hob-knobbed with Prime Minister Harper at the Francophonie Summit in Quebec City. One has to wonder what was whispered as opposed to what was reported in the press. The following video clip may offer some clues.

Sarkozy and José Barroso, President of the European Commission, have placed themselves firmly at the forefront of the NWO. To say that they are “walking the point” is an understatement. The language delivered in the accompanying video bypasses all diplomatic nuance and niceties. The global financial crisis has placed everyone under the gun: you, me and the bosses. Things have gotten fast-tracked to a degree that would have been unthinkable as recently as several months ago.

These are fascinating times in which we live. The condition, i.e. the financial crisis and related pending economic meltdown, clearly draws a line in the sand for all to see, if not necessarily to understand. Once you step over the line, there is no turning back. This is the turning point. The Rubicon swells with anticipation.

For good measure, here’s a clip of Sarkozy being met by Bush and his speech on the tarmac. Barasso lurks to the left. One can imagine him snarling, “Swim with the fishes.” George W. looks somewhat stunned. At least he’s not holding a child’s storybook upside down.

Mind Artillery V, Michael Chertoff, Warnings of Terror Plot

Michael Chertoff, U.S. Homeland Security Secretary, is the most recent to warn of a likely crisis. Unlike other high profile politicos who have pointed towards the time period after the American elections, Mr. Chertoff also tosses in the time period leading up to the election.

“There’s a general level of intemperateness in the discussion as we approach the election,” he (Chertoff) said. “Do I worry that it could trigger in a disturbed individual a desire to do something? Absolutely, I worry about it.”

Of course, the authorities must be on guard against “disturbed individuals” just as the Nazis were on guard for the “disturbed” Communist individual who torched the Reichstag. The irony of the comment made on behalf of the Bush administration would seem to have escaped Mr. Chertoff.

Full Bloomberg story here.

David Suzuki: "There shouldn’t be a Green Party."

David Suzuki is now officially on record with the statement, “There shouldn’t be a Green Party.”

Mr. Suzuki’s stance is not exactly earth-shattering, but that it is finally out in the open is. His motives for stating such are fairly straight forward and practical, as he sees things. Then again, possibly he is just paving the way (or contributing to the paving of the way) for Liz May to bolt over to the Libs. After all, one of the sponsors of the lecture at which he made the statement was the Sierra Youth Foundation. Few things are as they seem.

As was pointed out in a previous post, the sunflower’s post-election petals seem to be shrivelling and falling off.

…and then we have the GPC’s response here.

Mind Artillery IV, Globe and Mail Article, Opening Shot for SPP and NAU

Canada’s “national newspaper” The Globe and Mail, has published an article under the byline, “A new U.S. chief, a new Harper mandate – and a new big idea.” Nice touch that, sneaking in “new big idea” without once mentioning the words Security & Prosperity Partnership or North American Union in the entire article.

Mind Artillery III, Britain’s Prime Minister Argues for Global Governance

Britain’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown tried to make the case that “The Financial Crisis Is Also an Opportunity To Create New Rules for Our Global Economy,” as the subtitle put it. Very smooth, not quite as crass as “New World Order.” Possibly watch for a shift in the global world-speak away from the latter.

Mind Artillery II, Colin Powel Warns of Coming Crisis

Colin Powell has made bizarre comments that echo the recent declaration by Democratic VP candidate Joe Biden that there will be an “international crisis” early into Barack Obama’s presidency that will test the new president by forcing him to make unpopular decisions.