Green Caveat Emptor

That an informed electorate is the root of democracy has likely not been worded more succinctly than by Thomas Jefferson: “”Though the people may acquiesce, they cannot approve what they do not understand.” In this day and age, these words are critical for Canadians when contemplating a vote for Green Party candidates in their respective ridings.

The first Green Party was founded in West Germany in 1980. As such, every country that has adopted a Green Party since has basically imported a foreign political philosophy, up to and including the Green identity. No other political party in the Western world, irrespective of its philosophy, exceeds the boundaries of its national jurisdiction. Not since the demise of international communism with the fall of the Soviet Union has the world been presented with a political philosophy that is so all-consuming in thought and so global in scope.

From its outset in 1980, Green philosophy has embraced a global perspective and mandate. These global Green principles were enshrined in the 2001 Charter of The Global Greens. All Green parties base their party constitutions on a duplication of these principles. In effect, all Green party constitutions are cookie-cutter offshoots of the global mandate decreed by The Global Greens in 2001.

The Green principle of recognizing human diversity, to cite just one example, becomes a sorry joke when autonomous communities and jurisdictions cannot determine an eco-political constitution to reflect their unique socio-political concerns. Founding members of Green parties are saved the burden of having to think; that responsibility has been looked after by The Global Greens. Merely add some flatulent hugs, some myopic hand-wringing and, presto, a new Green party is born!

The subtitle of the Green Global Charter is: Defining What It Means to be Green in The New Millennium. Not since the end of the Second World War has a political movement dared to think in terms of 1,000 years, let alone commit it to paper.

Due to the Green global political agenda, what is most disturbing is the likelihood of the movement being a patsy for the Bilderberg Group (BG). The BG was founded in 1954 by Prince Bernhard of The Netherlands, an ex-Nazi. It meets in secret on an annual basis, hosting the world’s leading industrialists and financiers. It is largely held that the BG is the front organization to bring about a corporate New World Order. It is commonly known that the BG rubber stamps the careers of Western politicians to uphold this agenda. Both Stephen Harper and Stephane Dion are Bilderbergers.

The BG was among the first to discover the environment as an issue years ago and is rumored to be the impetus behind the Kyoto Protocol. The motive for these sons of smokestack millionaires is not to clean up the environment, but by the potential for immense profits. The green economy is poised to become the next, and possibly last, major bubble economy, accomplishing little more than the housing bubble and bubble that preceded it.

The Bilderberg vehicle for world government is the United Nations. Aside from gutting nation states and having a standing UN army, the Bilderbergers have in mind the placing of unelected environmental activists to positions of governmental authority to oversee the use of atmosphere, outer space, the oceans and, in general, biodiversity. This invitation for civil society to participate in global governance is described as expanding democracy.

According to sources within the BG, the status of NGOs would be elevated, up to and including producing studies to justify global taxation through UN organizations such as Global Plan. The Liberals’ Green Shift may be seen to be a precursor. The strategy to advance the global governance agenda specifically includes programs to discredit individuals and organizations that generate populist concerns that fail to support the new global ethic.

The United Nations Environment Programme, along with all the environmental treaties under its jurisdiction, would ultimately be governed by a special body of environmental activists, chosen only from accredited NGOs appointed by delegates to the General Assembly who are themselves appointed by the President of the United States, who is controlled by the Rockefeller-Council on Foreign Relations-Bilderberg triumvirate. Elizabeth May, leader of the GPC, has been a recipient of the Global 500 Award issued by the United Nations Environment Programme.

If implemented, these ideas would bring the world’s citizens into a global community managed by a world-wide bureaucracy under the direct authority of a small handful of appointed individuals, and policed by thousands of individuals, paid by accredited NGOs, certified to support a belief system which for many people is unbelievable and unacceptable.

A warm and fuzzy political voice with a global mandate and organization would suit the BG agenda perfectly. In an age when Lee Harvey Oswald has been displaced by Osama bin Laden as the patsy of all time, one may wish to contemplate who or what will eventually displace bin Laden as king dupe for ulterior and sinister political motives. Caveat emptor.