The Griberal Party of Canada, Pending

I cannot say more about the pending Liberal-Green merger (takeover?) than I have already said in the past. On the eve of the federal election, Elizabeth May comes out and endorses this merger in no uncertain terms. This Canadian Press article published in The Chronicle Herald pretty well sums it up. As usual, it is always important to read between the lines. The accompanying picture of the May-Dion hug after the leadership debate is priceless.

For those not up to deciphering the written word, you can listen to and watch the eco-warriors in political action.

Here we have Elizabeth May, Green Party Leader, actually stating, “We are Liberals running against Greens.”

Here we have a Liberal “bimbette” candidate putting out feelers for a Lib-Green-NDP coalition. What is most interesting in this clip is the slip by Jim MacDonald, Exectuive Director of the GP, who states, “I hate to say it, but it’s just too dangerous for us, we don’t want Elizabeth to be caught out on this.”