Mind Artillery Series

It should come as no great surprise that within the context of the current global financial crisis Western governments and their obedient handmaidens, the corporate media, are taking their relative steps on cue.

In standard 19th century, set-piece military strategy the opening move of one of two adversaries is always the artillery onslaught. The purpose of inflicting casualties is equal to, and sometimes secondary to, the psychological impact on the opposing adversary. The artillery onslaught is followed by ground troops, which in turn are followed up on by cavalry to mop up.

The three military metaphors of artillery, ground forces and cavalry are simple to understand in order to clarify the evolving situation of the “information war” that is in full swing for the public’s mind. By stringing together corporate media stories, alternative media stories and commentary, and blogger commentary in a series called “Mind Artillery Series” the purpose of the series will hopefully become self evident.

For those who are already “in the loop” the information presented in this series will not come as a great surprise. Keep up the good work! You already know where to go for your information. The primary purpose of the series is to nudge those visitors to this blog who are not yet in the loop towards taking that first, frightening step across their own individual Rubicons.


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