The Secessionist Meme Expands Some More

A recent post in George Washington’s Blog is entitled, Will the U.S Break Up? This meme is appearing more and more, both stated and inferred. The meme-as-stated tends to come from the most inquisitive and bravest minds re the meltdown of industrial civilization; the meme-as-inferred tends to come from governmental sources. Both are hip to the condition, yet are light years apart with motives and interests.

Big deal, one may ask. One more needle post in the haystack blogosphere. True enough, but George Washington is a regular contributor to Alex Jones’ Infowars (which is where I stumbled across the original post re-packaged as an Infowars article). Say what you will about Alex Jones’ style and possible hidden agenda, his sites do crank out the hits. The notion of NAmerican secession is introduced to a wider audience and demographic. That’s the bottom line.

To claim that, by virtue of the George Washington post and others like it, the NAmerican secessionist movement is gaining traction would be going overboard. Let’s just say that the proper rubber is being placed on the vehicle that will in time allow for traction. For those already in the loop, the time to be preparing for such latent political traction is now.


GPC Train Wreck

Value #7 of the Canadian Greens reads, “Feminism: The ethics of cooperation and understanding must replace the values of domination and control.” Yeah, right!

(With apologies to The Oz.)

Green Party of Canada: The Internal Revolt Begins

It looks like things have finally gotten to a crisis point over at the GPC. Fed up with an amalgam of political and financial mismanagement under the leadership of Elizabeth May, two ex-Federal Council members, Mark Taylor and John Ogilvie, have attached their names to what amounts to no less than an inter-party revolt.

Judging from their most recent posts, the event that pushed Mr. Taylor and Mr. Ogilvie over the line to take this action was the “coup” orchestrated by Ms. May to consolidate her power with a gaggle of obedient staff placements, i.e. non-elected, paid positions, comprising a new Campaign Committee. The crucial, non-democratic zinger of this new committee is that it surpasses and guts the duly elected Federal Council. To gain a clear understanding of what has transpired in the GPC and the logistics of same, it is strongly suggested to visit Mr. Taylor’s and Mr. Ogilvie’s blogs.

The GPC rebels may wish to take a closer look at the historic opportunity before them. It is now 25 years and counting and still no Green seat(s) in Parliament. (In a shorter time span an alternative political movement has been formed, morphed through several stages, and today sits as the government of the country.) Even if public support maxes out at 10% (and that’s a long shot!), due to the non-existence of a regional base, there will still likely be no elected Green. Political power for the GPC is not only elusive, it is non-existent and will remain so. The certainty of a Post-Peak Oil world (climate chaos/change inclusive), financial and economic meltdown, etc. makes Green philosophy somewhat redundant and passe, i.e. the political offering of false promises that the latter scenario can be averted if only one votes Green.

The opportunity before the rebels is simple: withdraw your support, agitate and expose May’s dictatorial opportunism, retreat to your bioregional/provincial parties (where the focus of Green politics should have been all along), and let the eco-political monstrosity known as the GPC die a natural, if somewhat financially sloppy, death. In other words, give May exactly all the rope for which she clamours.

The opportune event to highlight and politicize this move would be the GPC Policy Convention slated for Pictou, NS at the end of February, 2009. Hell, it’s just a spit away down the road from Cumberland County.