Henry Kissinger: The NWO Non-Useless Eater

It stands to reason that as the world economic crisis deepens, the orchestrated calls for a “new world order” will increase. To the degree that the economic crisis has been engineered to allow for the full-blown unveiling of a NWO is left to each individual’s level of political perception, sophistication and opinion. Be that as it may, the recent calls for a NWO have been ramped up to a new level…and they are no longer diplomatically veiled. A good overview of this “surge” is offered by The August Review article, Chorus Call for New World Order.

But what better NWO cheerleader to trot out than that beloved war criminal and non-useless eater, Hank Kissinger, hisself. This may very well be his last kick at the can and he spares no punches. To do so, he is given front page exposure by the International Herald Tribune with the op-ed piece, The Chance for a New World Order.

This is on top of the recent CNBC interview with Hank held on the floor of the NYSE (nice symbolic backdrop!).

This brazen media offensive will only increase. The time has arrived (because it has been orchestrated?) for the NWO agenda to be fully unleashed and implemented. Look for the complimentary releasing of the Peak Oil cat from its bag by the Obama administration some time this year. How it will dovetail with “the test” which has been forecast and will be dropped into his lap soon after the inauguration remains to be seen.

None of this ramping up should come as surprise. As the condition/crisis matures it is next to impossible to keep the blinders on the public’s eyes. How the public will respond once the blinders are removed is the great unknown. It’s handy to have the fall-back position of several hundred FEMA “detention centers” and a couple of battle-tested Army brigades.

Hang on. We are in for a ride! What? You expect history to be a touchy-feely cakewalk?