Globalist Media Primps Ignatieff

The globalist corporate media seems to be tripping over itself in a dash to primp the Liberal leader of the Opposition, Michael Ignatieff, as the change agent, twin-in-waiting to President Obama. The Conservative Government is toast. A coordinated onslaught by the corporate media is no small adversary to overcome.

The latest trumpeting comes via a N.Y. Times piece, Intellectual has eye on top of Canadian government.

Why this media fawning over Ignatieff should come as a surprise to anyone who has more than two brain cells firing is puzzling.

Ignatieff in tandem with Obama will deliver the Continentalist mandate so quickly and so smoothly it will leave Canadians’ heads spinning. The N.Y. Times endorsement merely points in this direction. After all, the loyal Lib apparatchik John Manley has been walking the point for the Lib corporatists by prepping the NAU agenda. (Manley is the chair of the Independent Task Force on the Future of North America, a project of the U.S. Council on Foreign Relations. In March 2005, the Task Force released a report that advocated a North American union, an economic union between Canada, Mexico and the United States which would resemble the European Union.)

The Bilderberg time-line for NAU is 2010. Ignatieff is the gift-wrapped darling who will deliver. As the recent dust-up over the non-singing by young minds of the national anthem highlights, O Canada, indeed!

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