HCR 0006, Aftermath

HCR 6 seems to be taking off like a wild-fire in the blogosphere. Many searches are even misguidedly probing if New Hampshire has declared its independence. As the American Thinker points out:

“A concurrent resolution lacks legal authority. It is a non-binding expression of the intentions of the legislature. Nevertheless, these four New Hampshire state legislators have shown much courage by introducing (or reintroducing) these precious principles that have been the bedrock of our republic.

Maybe HCR 6, the shot heard round little old New Hampshire, will inspire more Americans to realize the desperate need to free ourselves from an overreaching federal government. In which case, the shot heard round New Hampshire might become the next shot heard round the world.”

The four legislative sponsors of the resolution have shown exemplary courage and action. It would seem that these latter two qualities go hand-in-hand; the one cannot exist without the other. It is a concrete lesson that the NAmerican secessionist movement should strongly consider taking to heart.