This Will Not Be Pretty

The following is a quote taken from the article, Catastrophic Fall in 2009 Global Food Production, by Eric deCarbonnel:

“The world is heading for a drop in agricultural production of 20 to 40 percent, depending on the severity and length of the current global droughts. Food producing nations are imposing food export restrictions. Food prices will soar, and, in poor countries with food deficits, millions will starve.”

For pics on the severity of the global drought in China, see here. Add into the Chinese mix 29 million unemployed migrant workers.

Further add into the mix Ban Ki Moon’s ongoing pleas for global aid to the “bottom billion,” most recently voiced at Davos.

The notion of “die off” will never make it onto the front pages of the corporate media. Post-Peak Oil, climate chaos (i.e. global draught), financial meltdown, etc., etc., etc., all are entered into play. As Robert Heinlein has phrased it: peak everything.

We bob towards and into the perfect social and political storm, some vessels less flimsy than others. Those not tied firmly to their respective masts will be washed overboard. The pending “feast of consequences” strips bare the luxury of hypothesizing about and forecasting for same, my own inclusive. The immediate environment always dictates; it never merely suggests. The trick is to clearly perceive the signals, responsibly interpret the directives, and as humbly and courageously as possible, adapt accordingly.

The actual experience of being alive during an epoch of “this will not be pretty” whittles down to proper size any and all well-intentioned talk, talk, talk. The incentive of hurt is still the best motivator for action, on both individual and social levels. We scan the turf before us, make our best guesstimates, prepare accordingly, and enter the fray. May God’s speed (however one understands that) be with us all.

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