Peak Oil Breaks in the Canadian Corporate Media

Finally! The Toronto Star gets credit for making this breakthrough with the publication on February 15th of two articles by Cathal Kelly, Take Peak Oil seriously – it’ll be here much sooner than you think, and Meet the doomsayers of our time. The “doomer” slant is preponderant but then, why wouldn’t it be? “Doomer” after all, is a frame created by the corporate media.

The media spin will be on whacked out survivalists. No mention is made of Matthew Simmons, oil industry investment banker and advisor to the Bush administration. No mention will be made that both Bush and Cheney’s Texas ranches are state-of-the-art solar, etc. and completely off the grid.

Look for President Obama to be the first politician to mouth the words “peak oil.” It is time to prepare the public psyche for some very serious legislation that either has already been passed (and no one knows about it) to some gems that are in the chute.

Look for President Obama to speak the words “peak oil” during his visit to Canada to meet with Prime Minister Harper. Canada and the U.S. will seek to meld their climate change and environmental policies, perhaps eventually agreeing on a North American (read, North American Union) cap-and-trade system to control greenhouse gas emissions. The visit would seem to be the perfect stage.