Against the Trinket of Mass Democracy

The more that lurkers come out of hiding and ignorance to contribute to the Peak Oil dialogue, the more I am struck by how many “savvy” Peak Oilers are latent useless eaters, i.e. conscious of the magnitude of what is about to break yet powerless, within their own lives, to take a first step towards protecting themselves and their families. There is much subjective hand-wringing and spiritual masturbation, neither of which will protect one from the elements nor supply needed nutrition. Until one separates oneself from the herd to take appropriate action, one is of the herd, nose stuck up the asshole of the beast in front for delusional warmth and security.

NAmericans have never experienced the degree of social upheaval and transformation that hovers on the horizon. We are barely able to imagine it, let alone prepare for it. Allow me to repeat myself once more: within a global scope and context, the economic meltdown will make the thirties look like a stroll through the park and the die-off will make the Black Death look like a nose bleed. On a historical time scale, it is all only a heart beat away. That it should be camouflaged by the media-packaged Obama trinket of mass democracy and false hope is only fitting. How else could it possibly be?

To aid the savvy hand-wringers, I would like to offer a quote from Joe Stalin. It seems to be appropriate: “The death of one soldier is a tragedy; the death of one million soldiers is a statistic.” This is the objective perspective as opposed to the subjective twaddle that resides between most ears. The trick is to be a decent and courageous human being, not a statistic.

Re Post-Peak Oil preparation, if there is some action you can take towards crafting your survival, then do it. Fight where you stand, not necessarily “against” anyone or anything, but for yourself. There is only one place to start and that is at the beginning, in the here and the now. Otherwise, one is left shitting in one hand and wishing in the other, waiting to see which piles up first.

However one may understand and relate to a God of their understanding, may God’s speed be with us all. We will need it.


An Ominous Signal for the Launching of North American Union?

As reported by the El Paso Times, U.S. military report warns ‘sudden collapse’ of Mexico is possible.

The dots to be connected here are so evident that they barely warrant comment. For anyone needing to catch up in a hurry, a good place to brush up on North American Union 101 is here and here.

The real point of this post is to highlight, once more, the degree to which the NAmerican Secessionist Movement (NASM) is disconnected, not only from its own political mandate, but from the political psyche of the NAmerican public. For further context on this claim, please see last week’s post, NAmerican Secessionist Movement Asleep-At-the-Wheel.

On any given day we are confronted with events pointing towards the collapse of industrial civilization, entry onto the depletion slope of a Post-Peak Oil world, financial and economic meltdown, the initiative for North American Union, etc., etc. This happens to be the meta-context for the philosophical justification of the NASM. Yet, as has already been stated, as a political movement the NASM is incapable of issuing public commentary on the above events because no medium for doing so, such as a proposed North American Secessionist Congress, exists. The world in general, and North America in particular, sit on the cusp of an historical crisis of unforeseen proportions, yet the NASM is hand-cuffed from offering official and legitimate executive commentary by its own short-sighted choosing.

Without strategy, the option for identifying and implementing tactics does not exist. By virtue of its self-imposed non-voice and invisibility during these times of crisis, the NASM runs the real risk of joining NAmerican Green parties inside a toothless vacuum of myopic navel-gazing and political posturing. Ground can always be recovered; time never can be.

With friends like us, who needs adversaries?

Henry Kissinger: The NWO Non-Useless Eater

It stands to reason that as the world economic crisis deepens, the orchestrated calls for a “new world order” will increase. To the degree that the economic crisis has been engineered to allow for the full-blown unveiling of a NWO is left to each individual’s level of political perception, sophistication and opinion. Be that as it may, the recent calls for a NWO have been ramped up to a new level…and they are no longer diplomatically veiled. A good overview of this “surge” is offered by The August Review article, Chorus Call for New World Order.

But what better NWO cheerleader to trot out than that beloved war criminal and non-useless eater, Hank Kissinger, hisself. This may very well be his last kick at the can and he spares no punches. To do so, he is given front page exposure by the International Herald Tribune with the op-ed piece, The Chance for a New World Order.

This is on top of the recent CNBC interview with Hank held on the floor of the NYSE (nice symbolic backdrop!).

This brazen media offensive will only increase. The time has arrived (because it has been orchestrated?) for the NWO agenda to be fully unleashed and implemented. Look for the complimentary releasing of the Peak Oil cat from its bag by the Obama administration some time this year. How it will dovetail with “the test” which has been forecast and will be dropped into his lap soon after the inauguration remains to be seen.

None of this ramping up should come as surprise. As the condition/crisis matures it is next to impossible to keep the blinders on the public’s eyes. How the public will respond once the blinders are removed is the great unknown. It’s handy to have the fall-back position of several hundred FEMA “detention centers” and a couple of battle-tested Army brigades.

Hang on. We are in for a ride! What? You expect history to be a touchy-feely cakewalk?

It’s Just a Kiss Away

If you require a political “explanation” why this tune is still relative and indicative of The Condition, then maybe you should be following a self-help blog on reconciling with your inner-child.

The BDI Song Bird

In pre high-tech coal mines the miners used to rely on a caged song bird to warn if there was a build up of dangerous gases. When the song bird dropped dead, it was time to quickly get out of the shafts.

Well, the BDI song bird is chirping its head off and going into death convulsions.

The Baltic Dry Index tracks the price of shipping bulk cargo. It is a concrete barometer of the global trade in economic building blocks like iron ore, coal and grain. The BDI is not a traded index so no one profits from the index itself, which makes it virtually manipulation proof. It is what it is; its numbers tell a fairly accurate story.

As recently as last June, around the same time that crude peaked at $147 a barrel, the BDI stood at a reasonably healthy 11,600. It has currently plummeted to 791. That’s about a 94% drop in goods actually being shipped worldwide.

Put simply, the cost of shipping has dropped through the floor. For example, sending a tonne of iron ore from Brazil to China in early June would have set you back more than $100 per tonne, or around $15m per voyage. But freight rates have now dropped to only slightly over $10 per tonne, or just $1.5m for the 70-90 day journey.

The BDI’s plummet points towards unprecedented disaster around the world, especially as it relates to food. Products are simply not being shipped. The products aren’t being shipped because there aren’t any orders for them.

Of particular interest in the following video is the correlation between the decline in crude shipping and the tanking of the DPI.

DarthDubious, Song Bird #1

Hubris and Nemisis, Song Bird #2

The Independent, Song Bird #3

2008: Financial Meltdown + Peak Oil = ?

Here’s a small  tap up the side of the head in case anyone need’s jarring from Newton’s Sleep. We all know things are bad and about to get much worse. The following snapshot of the 2008 performance of the world’s stock markets captures the meltdown quite succinctly. This comes via Davos over at Chris Martenson’s site who, in turn, pointed me towards Bespoke Investment Group. Remember that stock market performance usually foreshadows by several months where and how economic performance will go. If you wish, you can overlay Bob Chapman’s January 7th commentary for greater nuts n’ bolts clarity. Now factor in the consensus, nicely arranged in a post by Cliff Wirth, that global oil production peaked in 2008, and we have a stage set for some interesting, painful and…very different times. Okay, back to sleep now.

Wakie, Wakie

Wakie, Wakie

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