Press Release, Ronin GPNS Leadership Campaign, 4 August 2009

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DATELINE: Pugwash River, August 4, 2009

Sebastian Ronin
216 Stewart Road, Pugwash River, NS B0K 1L0

Cumberland County Resident Announces Green Party Leadership Bid

Former Pictou County resident, now living in Cumberland County, Sebastian Ronin, has announced his intent to seek the leadership of the Green Party of Nova Scotia.

In light of the controversy and public skepticism surrounding the GPNS which came to light during the recent provincial election, Mr. Ronin proposes a major overhaul for the party. This would include a re-invention of the party’s philosophy and policies and a re-positioning of the party with the Nova Scotia electorate.

“The most important message for the GPNS to relay to the people of Nova Scotia at this time is the Peak Oil message,” claims Mr. Ronin. “It is the primary global condition through which all of the party’s policies must be filtered. The social and economic consequences of Peak Oil trump those of global warming and climate chaos by several decades.”

“To advocate a smooth transition to a post-industrial way of life without severe social dislocations is a political lie,” says Mr. Ronin. “The time to act and prepare is now.”

Mr. Ronin proposes that the natural support base for the GPNS is rural Nova Scotia. He further claims that rural Nova Scotians have an obligation to themselves and to their families to support a revitalized Nova Scotia Green Party. He claims that with the decimation of the Progressive Conservatives and a four-year time line to work with, the opportunity for rural Nova Scotians to re-invent the GPNS has never been better.

“The rebirth of the GPNS can begin in what I refer to as The Northumberland Triangle,” said Mr. Ronin. “It takes in that rural and jurisdictional area connected by Amherst-New Glasgow-Truro. It can spread to the rest of rural Nova Scotia from there. Except for a handful of university students, forget HRM. It is Orange and will remain to be so.”

One of Mr. Ronin’s planks in support of his intent to bring the GPNS to rural Nova Scotia is to have the party’s central office re-located to Truro.

Mr. Ronin has released a 30-point platform which is available for public view at the GPNS forum at:

Two major elements of political re-invention that Mr. Ronin proposes to bring to the GPNS are a constitutional de-coupling from the Global Green Charter and a necessary distancing from the federal Green Party of Canada. “The optics of both suck,” claims Mr. Ronin.

Mr. Ronin says that his proposals are being fought by a significant proportion of the “old guard” in the GPNS.

“Rural Nova Scotians will understand Peak Oil immediately,” claims Mr. Ronin, “If the tank is half-empty, then it’s half-empty. Why supposed Greens cannot or will not understand that the natural support base for a Green party lies in rural districts is beyond me,” he says. “I cannot fathom it.”

For all rural Nova Scotians who might be interested in supporting Mr. Ronin’s leadership bid at the Green Party’s AGM slated for mid-October, he requests that he be contacted by email at: A dedicated campaign forum can be visited at:



Green Party of Canada: A Tired, Old Dinosaur

The Green Party of Canada (GPC) has finally released proposals for the ailing national economy with an Economic Stimulus Package. As usual, it is too little, too late, and too irrelevant.

The GPC is now down to 5% national support (likely closer to 3%-4%), carrying a choking debt-load, and straddled with a leader, Elizabeth May, who seems to be as unpopular within the party as she is with the general public. This is not a good mix…for the GPC, that is. It is a great mix for ex-Greens who await the final collapse of this centralist, nanny-state, run-of-the-mill, liberal, establishment party.

The entry onto the depletion slope of a Post-Peak Oil world makes the GPC policy proposals somewhat redundant. They constitute a lie. The GPC is still pitching, through rose-coloured lenses, the prospect of a smooth transition to a Green economy/world. Such position is either a combination of vanity and delusion or crass political opportunism, neither of which is acceptable.

The GPC is a tired, old dinosaur. The wisest thing for tuned-in Greens to do would be to withdraw financial and philosophical support, let the party crawl away and die a reasonably quiet death. A bioreginal, back-to-basics, eco-political direction is available, in some cases as close as autonomous provincial Green parties. Let the Central Canadian, urban hand-wringers, social workers and delusional feminists who control the GPC dangle on the rope for which they have so stringently clamoured. In this day and age, all myopic fools deserve a just destiny.

The GPC’s adherence to IMF, OECD and G20 guidelines in the Stimulus Package is disquieting. With a UN party girl like Liz May at the helm, such overtures seem to be the norm. Her political simplicity, coupled with the party’s affiliation to a Global Charter, merely positions the GPC to be an unwitting Bilderberg patsy.

With the recently announced news of Ms. May’s move to New Glasgow from Ottawa, the GPC may as well strike a leadership search committee. This move has as much to do with schmoozing the Liberal base in Central Nova in order to prime the pump for that nomination as it has to do with anything else. The guess is ventured that Ms. May has her sights on the Environment Ministry in an Ignatieff government. Outside of tweaking from Dion to Ignatieff, this guess has not been altered in two years. If Ignatieff proves to be as much a Green dolt as was Dion remains to be seen.

A 25-year era of liberal Green political posturing has passed with no results. There will be no Green nirvana “stewarded” in by enlightened, touchy-feely, matriarchal principles. A new generation of Post-Peak Oil warriors and amazons waits in the wings.

It’s over. It’s finished. Let it go.

GPC Train Wreck

Value #7 of the Canadian Greens reads, “Feminism: The ethics of cooperation and understanding must replace the values of domination and control.” Yeah, right!

(With apologies to The Oz.)

Green Party of Canada: The Internal Revolt Begins

It looks like things have finally gotten to a crisis point over at the GPC. Fed up with an amalgam of political and financial mismanagement under the leadership of Elizabeth May, two ex-Federal Council members, Mark Taylor and John Ogilvie, have attached their names to what amounts to no less than an inter-party revolt.

Judging from their most recent posts, the event that pushed Mr. Taylor and Mr. Ogilvie over the line to take this action was the “coup” orchestrated by Ms. May to consolidate her power with a gaggle of obedient staff placements, i.e. non-elected, paid positions, comprising a new Campaign Committee. The crucial, non-democratic zinger of this new committee is that it surpasses and guts the duly elected Federal Council. To gain a clear understanding of what has transpired in the GPC and the logistics of same, it is strongly suggested to visit Mr. Taylor’s and Mr. Ogilvie’s blogs.

The GPC rebels may wish to take a closer look at the historic opportunity before them. It is now 25 years and counting and still no Green seat(s) in Parliament. (In a shorter time span an alternative political movement has been formed, morphed through several stages, and today sits as the government of the country.) Even if public support maxes out at 10% (and that’s a long shot!), due to the non-existence of a regional base, there will still likely be no elected Green. Political power for the GPC is not only elusive, it is non-existent and will remain so. The certainty of a Post-Peak Oil world (climate chaos/change inclusive), financial and economic meltdown, etc. makes Green philosophy somewhat redundant and passe, i.e. the political offering of false promises that the latter scenario can be averted if only one votes Green.

The opportunity before the rebels is simple: withdraw your support, agitate and expose May’s dictatorial opportunism, retreat to your bioregional/provincial parties (where the focus of Green politics should have been all along), and let the eco-political monstrosity known as the GPC die a natural, if somewhat financially sloppy, death. In other words, give May exactly all the rope for which she clamours.

The opportune event to highlight and politicize this move would be the GPC Policy Convention slated for Pictou, NS at the end of February, 2009. Hell, it’s just a spit away down the road from Cumberland County.

Elizabeth May: "Who me? I’m not to blame."

There is more fallout floating to the surface pointing to the internal strife in the Green Party of Canada in the wake of the recent federal election. For the full story, see: Green Party ‘clearly unprepared’ for campaign: May.

Could Ms. May be preparing the way for her exit from the GPC by blaming the ‘underlings’ for the party’s internal meltdown? It is amazing how the finger of blame points in all directions except possibly in the one direction that really matters.

In the CTV story, Ms. May is quoted as saying: ‘I intend to remain as leader of the Green party. My personal popularity with the Canadian electorate is something, speaking as objectively as possible, that the Green party needs. I did not become leader of this party to quit and, in so doing, watch it decline.’

Aside from what one may see as being blind vanity, the reverse psychology of the statement is apparent. Shortly after the election it was reported that Ms. May was going through the GPC’s constitution with a fine-tooth comb to secure her position. Critics of the GPC can stand and cheer. With Ms. May at the helm, the internal turmoil can only increase.

Look for the fawning members of the fledgling GPNS to clamber to the rescue at the GPC’s policy convention in Pictou in February. The squawks are all too audible that the local neophytes are being played like an old fiddle. The delegate knives that are out will be conveniently held at bay by a combination of location and timing.

Who knows? Within a year or two the Feminist Party of Canada may finally come out of the closet and break from the GPC to become an even more insignificant national rump.

Letter to Green Party of Nova Scotia, Boycott of AGM

20 April 2007

Elizabeth Perry
Green Party of Nova Scotia
5665 Spring Garden Road
Halifax, NS B3J 3S9

Dear Ms. Perry:

By issuing an invitation to Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada, to address the GPNS AGM, May 4-6, 2007, I can only assume that the GPNS endorses Ms. May’s highly unethical political conduct in Central Nova. I refer, of course, to the unconscionable and undemocratic May-Dion pact of withdrawing the Liberal candidate from Central Nova for the pending Federal election. I consider this action to be an act of electoral theft from the Liberal voters in the riding. I believe the political consequences shall reflect the motives and the action of the May-Dion pact.

Furthermore, if I am a shareholder of Company X, when attending the Company X AGM I do not expect when entering the meeting room to be confronted with the banner and logo of its direct competitor, Company Y, nor to be subjected to an address by the Company Y CEO. Such would be a ludicrous situation.

Until such time as the GPNS shows the conviction, wisdom and courage to forge its own identity with its own political philosophy and mandate, free of its “dysfunctional” co-dependency to the GPC, I am withholding, though not withdrawing, my support of the GPNS, my boycotting of the GPNS AGM inclusive. As such, I request that all motions carrying my name addressing the GPNS Constitution, Bylaws and Policy be pulled from the GPNS AGM Agenda.

As a member in good standing of the GPNS, I shall keep myself apprised of the Party’s development, beginning with the decisions that come out of the AGM.

As my posts to the Party’s policy development forum were by far the most visited and, as a courtesy to the general membership explaining my absence from the AGM, I ask that this letter be distributed to all GPNS members.


Sebastian E. Ronin

Federal party has sold out on provincial Green parties

An open letter to Central Nova Constituents:

On March 7th, The News published a letter of mine (Interesting to muse what’s behind May’s decision), postulating that Elizabeth May’s decision to run in Central Nova could be the predecessor to her jumping ship to the Liberals and being rewarded for running against Peter MacKay with the Environment Ministry in a future Liberal government.

In light of the May/Dion candidate exchange that has been crafted between the Liberal Party and the Green Party of Canada (GPC), it seems that I was slightly off: rather than Ms. May crossing over by herself, it seems that she will now be taking the entire GPC with her. It will not be much of an amalgamation (one year? two years?), but more like a snack and a burp for the national Liberals.

Prior to this letter, out of courtesy to the Green Party of Nova Scotia (GPNS), I did not identify myself as a member of the GPNS. On political principle, I am not a member of the GPC.

As of March 6, my candidacy to stand for the leadership of the GPNS had been rejected on technical grounds by the GPNS executive. Go figure, eh? The GPNS executive decision is pending legal review, and possible action, on my part.

It would seem to me that the last thing the GPNS executive would want is a leadership candidate addressing the general membership on the following: 1. the GPC has sold provincial Green parties down the river; 2. it is a political imperative for provincial Green parties to own the core Green principles of bioregionalism and decentralization, and; 3. it is imperative for the GPNS to extend the commercial designation of Atlantica into a political designation.

Should one do a search on the GPC web site for the terms “bioregionalism” and “decentralization” the result is a fat zero. I liken it to the Green historical psyche having undergone a lobotomy, the political term for the latter being purge. It is little wonder that a “technical glitch” stands in the way of my leadership candidacy for the GPNS.

The GPNS AGM and policy convention will be held May 4-7 in Kentville.

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