Paul Martin: Surrender Sovereignty to Make the World Work

Former Canadian Prime Minister, Paul Martin, has weighed in on the New World Order dialogue. On February 9, 2009 he clearly came out and stated to a University of Ottawa audience that it will be necessary for nation-states to surrender sovereignty in order to make the world work. Mr. Martin’s statement incorporates both NWO and North American Union signals. “We are at the beginning of a very different era…It will become the debate of our generation.”

In the position paper, Post-Peak Oil and NAmerican Regional Secession (Word format here), the following proposition was laid out:

“By making the dual-claim of global population depletion and regional secession, one runs the risk of being stroked as a Bilderberg stooge. After all, the purported New World Order supposedly champions both of these events as part of its mandate: firstly, population depletion to ensure the dwindling supplies of natural resources, in particular fossil fuels, for the benefit of an elite and chosen few, and; secondly, the undermining and eventual gutting of the world’s nation states in order to channel a future world government through the bureaucratic and militaristic global structure of the United Nations.

In order to pre-empt any such accusation, the following can simply be stated: a conscious, conspiratorial, eugenic effort to “cull” global population by unleashing an economic catastrophe, a nuclear Third World War, a designer pandemic virus, or a combination of all three, is light years removed from an ecological and systemic “purge” and correction, short of a complete die-off, by the natural carrying capacity of the planet, no matter how horrific such a correction stands to be.

Furthermore, nation state devolution is a single event seen either as precursor to global domination by the advocates of a New World Order or as the re-invention of geopolitical institutions to further human survival and social evolution by secessionists.

Again, to highlight the current historical contradiction, an alleged one-world government is diametrically opposed to hundreds of small, autonomous nations, although both global constructs require and envision the dissolution of the large industrial nation state in order to succeed. This contradiction cannot be stated emphatically enough. The pending crisis entails a showdown of worldviews with the large industrial nation state caught in the middle and cast in the role of historical albatross for both competing tendencies.”

We sit on a historical crisis of unforeseen and largely unimaginable magnitude. Such is our destiny. It has arrived.

The Financial Gutting of Canada: Upping the Ante

The degree of foreign investment in Canada, i.e. U.S. ownership, cultural imperialism, the NAFTA predecessor towards North American Union, the historical and ongoing betrayal by Canadian capital, etc. are all givens. For those in the loop, the latter hover in around the political perception and analytical depth of Poli-Sci 101.

Now comes news that the sitting Conservative Government is planning a very serious sell-off of state assets, i.e. Crown corporations: Major Canadian government assets could be sold. On the chopping block are Canada Post, Via Rail, the Royal Canadian Mint, the agency that oversees security at Canada’s airports (very serious and very bad!), Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. (yikes!), the CBC (the propaganda mother corp.) and the Canada Council for the Arts (state-subsidized artistes going boo hoo hoo).

Here is what is being put into play: it’s a squeeze, a takeover. Engineered government debt, plus depreciated asset values (courtesy of the “financial crisis”) open the door for the economic hitmen.

Zeitgeist Addendum offers one of the better introductions to global capital at work. Feel free to superimpose the Addendum with the great work being done by Chris Martenson with his Crash Course. To view the role of economic hitmen, jump to Part 4 of the Addendum for John Perkins’ explanation.

Globalist Media Primps Ignatieff

The globalist corporate media seems to be tripping over itself in a dash to primp the Liberal leader of the Opposition, Michael Ignatieff, as the change agent, twin-in-waiting to President Obama. The Conservative Government is toast. A coordinated onslaught by the corporate media is no small adversary to overcome.

The latest trumpeting comes via a N.Y. Times piece, Intellectual has eye on top of Canadian government.

Why this media fawning over Ignatieff should come as a surprise to anyone who has more than two brain cells firing is puzzling.

Ignatieff in tandem with Obama will deliver the Continentalist mandate so quickly and so smoothly it will leave Canadians’ heads spinning. The N.Y. Times endorsement merely points in this direction. After all, the loyal Lib apparatchik John Manley has been walking the point for the Lib corporatists by prepping the NAU agenda. (Manley is the chair of the Independent Task Force on the Future of North America, a project of the U.S. Council on Foreign Relations. In March 2005, the Task Force released a report that advocated a North American union, an economic union between Canada, Mexico and the United States which would resemble the European Union.)

The Bilderberg time-line for NAU is 2010. Ignatieff is the gift-wrapped darling who will deliver. As the recent dust-up over the non-singing by young minds of the national anthem highlights, O Canada, indeed!

An Ominous Signal for the Launching of North American Union?

As reported by the El Paso Times, U.S. military report warns ‘sudden collapse’ of Mexico is possible.

The dots to be connected here are so evident that they barely warrant comment. For anyone needing to catch up in a hurry, a good place to brush up on North American Union 101 is here and here.

The real point of this post is to highlight, once more, the degree to which the NAmerican Secessionist Movement (NASM) is disconnected, not only from its own political mandate, but from the political psyche of the NAmerican public. For further context on this claim, please see last week’s post, NAmerican Secessionist Movement Asleep-At-the-Wheel.

On any given day we are confronted with events pointing towards the collapse of industrial civilization, entry onto the depletion slope of a Post-Peak Oil world, financial and economic meltdown, the initiative for North American Union, etc., etc. This happens to be the meta-context for the philosophical justification of the NASM. Yet, as has already been stated, as a political movement the NASM is incapable of issuing public commentary on the above events because no medium for doing so, such as a proposed North American Secessionist Congress, exists. The world in general, and North America in particular, sit on the cusp of an historical crisis of unforeseen proportions, yet the NASM is hand-cuffed from offering official and legitimate executive commentary by its own short-sighted choosing.

Without strategy, the option for identifying and implementing tactics does not exist. By virtue of its self-imposed non-voice and invisibility during these times of crisis, the NASM runs the real risk of joining NAmerican Green parties inside a toothless vacuum of myopic navel-gazing and political posturing. Ground can always be recovered; time never can be.

With friends like us, who needs adversaries?

Henry Kissinger: The NWO Non-Useless Eater

It stands to reason that as the world economic crisis deepens, the orchestrated calls for a “new world order” will increase. To the degree that the economic crisis has been engineered to allow for the full-blown unveiling of a NWO is left to each individual’s level of political perception, sophistication and opinion. Be that as it may, the recent calls for a NWO have been ramped up to a new level…and they are no longer diplomatically veiled. A good overview of this “surge” is offered by The August Review article, Chorus Call for New World Order.

But what better NWO cheerleader to trot out than that beloved war criminal and non-useless eater, Hank Kissinger, hisself. This may very well be his last kick at the can and he spares no punches. To do so, he is given front page exposure by the International Herald Tribune with the op-ed piece, The Chance for a New World Order.

This is on top of the recent CNBC interview with Hank held on the floor of the NYSE (nice symbolic backdrop!).

This brazen media offensive will only increase. The time has arrived (because it has been orchestrated?) for the NWO agenda to be fully unleashed and implemented. Look for the complimentary releasing of the Peak Oil cat from its bag by the Obama administration some time this year. How it will dovetail with “the test” which has been forecast and will be dropped into his lap soon after the inauguration remains to be seen.

None of this ramping up should come as surprise. As the condition/crisis matures it is next to impossible to keep the blinders on the public’s eyes. How the public will respond once the blinders are removed is the great unknown. It’s handy to have the fall-back position of several hundred FEMA “detention centers” and a couple of battle-tested Army brigades.

Hang on. We are in for a ride! What? You expect history to be a touchy-feely cakewalk?