Secession Is In Our Future

Over the short course of one year the notion of NAmerican secession has snow-balled into the public’s political consciousness. The course and media trajectories are roughly the following: last summer’s Zogby Poll that revealed support for the right (as opposed to support for secession) of states to secede to be 20%; the comic relief, yet valuable media dividends of Sarah Palin’s secessionist ties; the pronouncements of America’s geographical decline by the Russian analyst, Igor Panarin; in general, the flourishing of the States’ Rights movement complimented by, in particular, the secessionist trigger written into New Hampshire’s HCR 0006; Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s flirtation with secession, and; corporate media coverage ranging from the Los Angeles Times to the Wall Street Journal.

The most recent established institution to endorse the notion of secession is the Ludwig von Mises Institute with the publication of Secession Is In Our Future. This article offers a concise overview of the legality of secession ranging from the inalienable right of secession, to international law of secession, to U.S. law of secession. It is a good read for all those federalists whose immediate, knee-jerk response to secession is that it is illegal.

Unfortunately, the von Mises article displays two shortcomings that are common to most U.S.A.-centric analyses of secession.

The first of these shortcomings is the focus on individual state secession as opposed to more regional perspectives and perceptions. Granted, secession can only proceed via the legislative authority of one state at a time. However, this does not preclude the incorporation of regional alliances and federations towards the establishment of new, autonomous nations upon the geographical dimensions of North America. As a guide to how these regional breakdowns may evolve, please see How would the U.S.A. fragment? by Phil Gyford.

The second shortcoming is a  major philosophical and political blind spot. It is the analysis of secession as a socio-political driver as opposed to secession being a consequence and symptom of greater, underlying dynamics and phenomena. It cannot be stated enough that secession will be a consequence of ecological and financial collapse, in particular, the descent onto a Post-Peak Oil reality.

As the physical infrastructure collapses, so too will the institutional infrastructure. The dynamic of secession is not reversed, as far too many secessionists mistakenly believe. Yes, it will be imperative to retain the social principles of “freedom and liberty” (i.e. States’ Rights movement), but in a world of increasing scarcities and hardships this will prove to be a daunting challenge, yet one that must be pursued. It is quite possible that a social contract encompassing social responsibilities will influence and mold our current understanding of what is meant by “freedom and liberty.”

For further reading on secession and Post-Peak Oil, please see Post-Peak Oil and NAmerican Regional Secession.

Paul Martin: Surrender Sovereignty to Make the World Work

Former Canadian Prime Minister, Paul Martin, has weighed in on the New World Order dialogue. On February 9, 2009 he clearly came out and stated to a University of Ottawa audience that it will be necessary for nation-states to surrender sovereignty in order to make the world work. Mr. Martin’s statement incorporates both NWO and North American Union signals. “We are at the beginning of a very different era…It will become the debate of our generation.”

In the position paper, Post-Peak Oil and NAmerican Regional Secession (Word format here), the following proposition was laid out:

“By making the dual-claim of global population depletion and regional secession, one runs the risk of being stroked as a Bilderberg stooge. After all, the purported New World Order supposedly champions both of these events as part of its mandate: firstly, population depletion to ensure the dwindling supplies of natural resources, in particular fossil fuels, for the benefit of an elite and chosen few, and; secondly, the undermining and eventual gutting of the world’s nation states in order to channel a future world government through the bureaucratic and militaristic global structure of the United Nations.

In order to pre-empt any such accusation, the following can simply be stated: a conscious, conspiratorial, eugenic effort to “cull” global population by unleashing an economic catastrophe, a nuclear Third World War, a designer pandemic virus, or a combination of all three, is light years removed from an ecological and systemic “purge” and correction, short of a complete die-off, by the natural carrying capacity of the planet, no matter how horrific such a correction stands to be.

Furthermore, nation state devolution is a single event seen either as precursor to global domination by the advocates of a New World Order or as the re-invention of geopolitical institutions to further human survival and social evolution by secessionists.

Again, to highlight the current historical contradiction, an alleged one-world government is diametrically opposed to hundreds of small, autonomous nations, although both global constructs require and envision the dissolution of the large industrial nation state in order to succeed. This contradiction cannot be stated emphatically enough. The pending crisis entails a showdown of worldviews with the large industrial nation state caught in the middle and cast in the role of historical albatross for both competing tendencies.”

We sit on a historical crisis of unforeseen and largely unimaginable magnitude. Such is our destiny. It has arrived.

The Disappearing Male, CBC Documentary

That this should be a CBC documentary comes with its share of irony. It flies in the face of the CBC’s subliminal (and at times, not so subliminal) feminist agenda. Oh well, it’s a topsy-turvy world in which we live.

I do not have my own words at the moment to relay the horror that this documentary raised within me. The cinematic images of human sterility portrayed by Children of Men is reversed from female to male reproductive emptiness. The only words that sprung to mind on watching this documentary were those of Kurtz/Brando: “I cried, I wept like some grandmother. I wanted to tear my teeth out. I didn’t know what to do. And I want to remember it, I never want to forget.”

The state-sanctioned, politically-correct efforts to dummy down the male presence on the social template pale in comparison to the industrially programmed eugenics of the chemical and plastics industries. That there is a Peak Oil connection is obvious and hopefully a saving grace. In a Post-Peak Oil world the latter industries may succomb to demise and yet stave off this silent and monstrous extinction of the human race. View at will if you missed the original airing. The remaining parts to the full documentary can be searched at YouTube.

Remember, remember the 5th of November

Okay, okay so the American election falls one day short. Who cares? It’s close enough to position this little nugget accordingly. V fans, rejoice! If the end is near, then so also is the beginning.

Recess at The Asylum

Some things are just too funny and stupid! The picture portrayed in the link below manages to connect from a good belly laugh and inane stupidity to a level of snapshot wisdom on the predicament of imperial decline. Enjoy.

Steve Quayle News Alerts

Mind Artillery VI, EU Calls for New World Governance

Prior to flying off to Washington to meet with President Bush last week, French President Nicolas Sarkozy hob-knobbed with Prime Minister Harper at the Francophonie Summit in Quebec City. One has to wonder what was whispered as opposed to what was reported in the press. The following video clip may offer some clues.

Sarkozy and José Barroso, President of the European Commission, have placed themselves firmly at the forefront of the NWO. To say that they are “walking the point” is an understatement. The language delivered in the accompanying video bypasses all diplomatic nuance and niceties. The global financial crisis has placed everyone under the gun: you, me and the bosses. Things have gotten fast-tracked to a degree that would have been unthinkable as recently as several months ago.

These are fascinating times in which we live. The condition, i.e. the financial crisis and related pending economic meltdown, clearly draws a line in the sand for all to see, if not necessarily to understand. Once you step over the line, there is no turning back. This is the turning point. The Rubicon swells with anticipation.

For good measure, here’s a clip of Sarkozy being met by Bush and his speech on the tarmac. Barasso lurks to the left. One can imagine him snarling, “Swim with the fishes.” George W. looks somewhat stunned. At least he’s not holding a child’s storybook upside down.

Mind Artillery V, Michael Chertoff, Warnings of Terror Plot

Michael Chertoff, U.S. Homeland Security Secretary, is the most recent to warn of a likely crisis. Unlike other high profile politicos who have pointed towards the time period after the American elections, Mr. Chertoff also tosses in the time period leading up to the election.

“There’s a general level of intemperateness in the discussion as we approach the election,” he (Chertoff) said. “Do I worry that it could trigger in a disturbed individual a desire to do something? Absolutely, I worry about it.”

Of course, the authorities must be on guard against “disturbed individuals” just as the Nazis were on guard for the “disturbed” Communist individual who torched the Reichstag. The irony of the comment made on behalf of the Bush administration would seem to have escaped Mr. Chertoff.

Full Bloomberg story here.

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