NAmerican Secessionist Congress, Steering Committee


We, the founding members of the North American Secessionist Congress Steering Committee (NASC Steering Committee) believe that the NAmerican secessionist movement suffers from structural and organizational liabilities for developing coordinated responses to events that could be used to further the secessionist cause. We are convinced that events are moving very rapidly. If we do not present ourselves at the forefront of a movement to preserve the freedoms of the people through secession and decentralization, we may find that the opportunity has passed us by.

NASC Steering Committee Terms of Reference:

The founding members of the Committee have agreed to work under the following Terms of Reference:

The purpose of the North American Secessionist Congress (NASC) Steering Committee is to advocate, promote and encourage the founding of the NASC by the recognized and democratic rules of procedure governing the political conduct and assembly of North American secessionist representatives and organizations at a meeting of these representatives and organizations tentatively slated for October 2010 at a location TBA.

As part of the Steering Committee’s mandate, it shall prepare a draft NASC Constitution for presentation, full debate, re-writing where deemed necessary, and vote by the secessionist representatives and organizations present at the proposed meeting, and by such action authorize the founding of the North American Secessionist Congress.

Preliminary Guidelines, NASC Constitution:

The NASC Steering Committee will work under the following guidelines in order to prepare a draft NASC Constitution for full democratic discussion and ratification by NASC members at the proposed meeting of the NASC, October 2010 at a location TBA. Note that the proposed actions of the NASC would be undertaken as a representative body only of the North American secessionist movement, i.e. the proposed NASC is not to undertake or perform any political function whatsoever, that being the sole responsibility of the various autonomous secessionist organizations.

  • Mapping/identifying, in partnership with autonomous, member secessionist organizations, the likely, latent, possible, conditional secessionist regional designations upon the continent of North America;
  • Promoting the notion and political synergies of North American regional secession;
  • Coordinating public sentiment/support and the autonomous initiatives of North American secessionist organizations;
  • Providing a clear review and explanation of the legal and constitutional issues surrounding secession;
  • Formulating methods and approaches to the study of certain problems related to secession and encouraging related solutions;
  • Offering techniques and organizational support, if and when requested, to aid new secessionist organizations to be launched in their respective regions.


  1. This is interesting. The purpose seems to nearly match my idea I had earlier, the League of Occupied Nations at – and the Constitutional Republic of America at which I mentioned last time may also be of interest, as it’s reviving the original legitimate America the founders gave us based on the Constitution & Bill of Rights (no later), the Articles of Confederation, and the Declaration of Independence. We might also ought to look at the Northwest Ordinance to see whether we need to take that into account as well. Since the Articles also invited Canada to join, we might ought to do that also.
    Anyway this sounds very interesting and I definitely want to be in the loop as much as possible. Thanks.

  2. is this where the meeting is?

  3. Hi, David. No, the meeting was over on the Ning site: If you are not a member there already, you may wish to consider becoming one.

  4. Excellent outline… I’d love to see the organizational support and infrastructure-development of a cross-ideological Pan Secessionist Confederation, made up of serious, focused, disparate localist and regionalist movements for self-determination.

    Best of luck.

  5. This blog is old news. Please go to:

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