I Am An Entropist

I am an entropist. Being an entropist entails a meta-perspective upon this world that captures and stamps all natural, social, political and economic phenomena within its unique parameters of qualification. It applies equally from the build-up of clutter in a household, to global warming and climate chaos, to financial meltdown, to the implosion of the large industrial nation-state, as it does to the departure of a soul from the constraints of its body. It is a worldview, a Weltanschauung, a philosophical Babushka doll of many layers and complexities. It is my hope that one day the Laws of Thermodynamics will be taught at the grade school level, matching if not displacing, a false and jingoistic Pledge of Allegiance.

Albert Einstein is purported to have said about the Second Law of Thermodynamics, “It is likely the truest law in the physical universe.” The Second Law is the Entropy Law. It foreshadows and dictates that our world rushes towards a state of maximum disorder. Nowhere is this more evident than with the events we witness on a daily basis, events that signal the pinnacle and beginning collapse of industrial civilization. The only hypothetical antidote to the dictates of entropy is the creation of small pockets of negative entropy, the creation of small eco-states inclusive.

Industrial civilization has arrived at its apex, as is so clearly signaled by the ever-increasing acknowledgment of Peak Oil. It is all about energy, or lack thereof, as laid out by the Second Law: the ability to do work is dependent on access to energy; without energy, social institutions collapse/implode, the institution of the large industrial nation-state inclusive.

As an historical metaphor, I offer the following: we live in Copernican times. A new worldview, a true paradigm shift, is birthed from out of the cauldron of crisis. As the false notion of the earth being the center of the universe was rejected because it had to be rejected, I maintain that the false notion of the large industrial nation-state will in time be rejected because it also has to be rejected.

The rationale and motives for my being a secessionist revolve around my first of all being an entropist. Cultural and ethnic drivers towards secession, even the bourgeoning States’ Rights movement, are contained within the meta-conditions and meta-dictates of the Second Law. It is my hope that one will perceive that our destiny as citizens lies in responsibly embracing a political philosophy of secession-by-default in order to seize the opportunity at hand, in order to begin the creation of new eco-states upon this continent, in order to extend social and political liberties and responsibilities beyond the cadaver of the industrial nation-state, and lastly, in order to survive and continue the human adventure.


A New Year: A Cusp of Perception, Action and Responsibility

Welcome to the next blog generation of the Novacadia Alliance. It is time to shed the previous skin. Rebirth, regeneration, continued evolution (re-evolution?) are as much part-and-parcel of an idea/notion as these dynamics are part-and-parcel of an individual’s growth/journey. It’s a good day to be a secessionist.

I ask for some time to acquaint myself with WordPress features. Until such time as the transition is completed and the blog tweaked accordingly (I am not much of a propeller head), one will have to put up with the generic start-up features.

For the time being, I would think that the Mission Statement of this blog could require some serious thought. The philosophical and political bullets cover a lot of turf.

We are entering a new chapter. It is, and crumbles, all around us. We have entered onto the depletion slope of Hubbert’s Peak. We have entered a problem for which there is no seeming solution. We are being taught that entropy reigns supreme.

This is very serious ground upon which we embark as individuals, communities, regions and nations. It is stark ground with little room for mistakes. For those students of Sun Tzu, they will recognize the political challenges before us as being obstacles on Death Ground. When crossing the river to Death Ground (it could be the Rubicon), upon arrival boats and cooking utensils are destroyed. The army either survives and prospers on the assets of its adversary, or it perishes.

So there is no turning back. Not that there ever was, but now during these initial stages of full-spectrum empire meltdown the latter non-option just becomes that much more evident. The latent becomes concrete. Secession becomes a realistic option. It is programmed into the collapse. It is secession by default.

The situation morphs away from intellectual conjecture, redundant navel-gazing and ballyhooed hand-wringing. It becomes real. It forces one to deal with the consequences of both wise and foolish decisions.

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