The Mental Illness of Nationalism Run Amok

Sanity in Distress

Sanity in Distress

Wow, has the Pavlovian dog of nationalism ever been turned loose with the dust-up in New Brunswick over the non-singing of the national anthem in a public school!

Erik Millett, the Principal of Belleisle Elementary in Upper Belleisle, New Brunswick has been raked over the coals by Members of Parliament and the public because he pulled the plug on the daily singing of O Canada by students at Belleisle Elementary. (Check out the foaming-at-the-mouth commentary in the linked article.)

Never mind that the policy has been in place at the school for over a year. Never mind that a similar policy is in place in most schools in British Columbia and Alberta. Never mind that it seems to have lapsed the brains of the two New Brunswick “errand boys sent by grocery clerks” (masquerading as MP’s) that education is a provincial responsibility.

Never mind all that. It seems to be an appropriate time to trot out the pooch of rampant nationalism. The media, in conjunction with the “outrage” of the federalist MP’s, has played and positioned this one well. It begs the question: Why?

BTW, judging from the mug shot of Mr. Millet in the media, it’s a relief to see a Green with some balls. At least there is one Green who is hip to bioregionalism and the related albatross of the industrial nation-state.

Erik Millett

Erik Millett

Update, February 1, 2009, The State Wins: NB School Ordered to Resume Playing O Canada

If the state doesn’t get them when they’re young, it doesn’t get them. The notion of voluntary conditioning is alien to the public. Ask the average “Joe the Plumber” from where his/her nationalism stems and the answer may very likely be that it is a genetic precondition.

The simple fact is that it is not “natural” to believe that one holds a shared reality with someone 5,000 kilometers away. The large nation-state is a bastardized tribe. Allegiance to such a bastardized tribe is artificial. Management of the mob, i.e. management of the media (anthem, flag, CBC, etc.)  that supports the social hallucination is the primary responsibility of the federal state. Without the media of control, the hallucination collapses.

Children are left singing inside the hallucination nation to overpower the tug of a true regional and tribal identity.

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