NASC Name Reservation

Dear NAmerican Secessionist (and the curious):
Please note that “North American Secessionist Congress” as name for pending corporate entity, has been officially reserved with the Ohio Secretary of State. In part, the certificate states:

“It is hereby certified that the Secretary of State of Ohio has custody of the business records for NORTH AMERICAN SECESSIONIST CONGRESS and, that said business records show the filing and recording of: NAME RESERVATION.”

NASC Steering Committee member, Harold Thomas, did the leg work on this one and hats are off to him. Yesterday, Jenna Orkin over at the FTW Blog gave us a very good plug; international hits to the NASC Forum were up considerably.
For those who are not yet familiar with the proposed NASC, one of several aims is to gather already-committed secessionists, Peak Oil advocates, States’ Rights advocates and disenchanted Greens under a common secessionist roof. The common denominator for these three demographics, to one degree or another, is a shared acknowledgement and comprehension of secession. Furthermore, the NAmerican secessionist movement will finally have elected representation via an Executive that functions within the incorporated and legal parameters of a Constitution and Bylaws as determined and ratified by the membership.
For anyone who has not yet, to view the forum please visit North American Secessionist Congress, October 2010.
Thanks for your attention,
Sebastian Ronin
Chair, NASC Steering Committee


The Secessionist Convergence Triad

One of the most profound statements to come out of the 2007 Second North American Secessionist Convention held in Chattanooga, as reported by Bill Poovey, was that the movement represented the unlikely partnering of “the far left and far right of American politics coming together.” The statement went largely unnoticed; however, it is the philosophical core of the proposed North American Secessionist Congress.

Of the many political illusions that are currently being shattered by the decline of industrial civilization (the collapse of the American Empire is a sub-collapse), two of the most important are the shattering of the two-party system and the shattering of the political notions of “left” and “right.” The symbolic emperor literally wears no clothes!

The political notions of “left” and “right” are in process of being denuded; they still hold significant sway in the public consciousness. Until such time as the two hemispheres converge and, in the process shatter pre-existing molds, the dynamic of far left and far right coming together retains its hold in the public psyche.

It has been proposed that the three political demographics encompassing the secessionist convergence triad are the States’ Rights movement, the Peak Oil movement, and disenchanted Greens. Each demographic recognizes, to one extent or another, the common denominator of secession.

The States’ Rights movement flirts with secession, up to and including the insertion of secession trigger clauses in resolutions. The Peak Oil movement acknowledges institutional collapse and devolution, while still weakly maintaining that such institutional collapse, i.e. secession, does not apply to the social institution of the large industrial nation state. Disenchanted Greens acknowledge the primacy of bioregional, secessionist politics in the face of bastardized federal parties. Within each demographic there reside minority cadres who will perceive the secessionist common denominator and political logic as put forward by the proposed North American Secessionist Congress.

For sake of argument, the convergence may roughly constitute the following breakdown: States’ Rights advocates (political right, 50% of convergence total); Peak Oilers (political left, 30% of convergence total); disenchanted Greens (political left, 20% of convergence total).

So there we have the unlikely partnering of “the far left and far right of American politics coming together.” The historical condition always dictates what can and cannot be done. The trick is to perceive the condition for what it is, without resorting to subjective and jingoistic security blankets, and act accordingly.

Secessionist Growing Pains

Yesterday I received a forwarded email from Harold Thomas of The Ohio Republic. The subject matter was an email that he received from Kirkpatrick Sale of The Middlebury Institute. In the email, Mr. Sale seems to wax eloquently about the good work being done by The Tenth Amendment Center on his, i.e. the NAmerican secessionist movement, behalf:


“The following article from the Christian Science Monitor gives an update on the state sovereignty movement of the last few months. (I have also attached it.) A good website,, has agreed to monitor the movement’s progress. (emphasis mine)

“It’s not secession, of course, but it has the seeds of that.  Worth following.

“Kirkpatrick Sale, Director, Middlebury Institute,”

It is quite conceivable that less incendiary fabrications have warranted a shot across the bow via a letter on lawyer’s letterhead demanding two things: to cease and desist, and to offer a public retraction and apology.

Mr. Sale’s statement would seem to infer three crucial things: 1./ that there is a direct relationship between The Middlebury Institute, a representative body of the NAmerican secessionist movement, and The Tenth Amendment Center; 2./ that The Tenth Amendment Center is working to his guidance, and; 3./ that the inferred relationship has The Tenth Amendment Center occupying the junior position.

That such a seemingly brazen misrepresentation should come from someone who fancies himself “The Leader” of a one-man think tank is neither here nor there. What is of political and diplomatic importance is that Mr. Sale’s statement denigrates the work of someone like Harold Thomas who, for the last three months has been walking a fine line between his own secessionist sentiments and working diligently, while keeping the two issues separate, on behalf of the Ohio States’ Rights movement.

As has already been pointed out by Harold on his blog is that Mr. Sale is just a tad Johnny-Come-Lately. The same out-of-sync grasp of events was witnessed in an email I received from Mr. Sale last week.

In the email Mr. Sale raises concerns about the efforts underway to launch The North American Secessionist Congress (NASC) this coming October in Columbus, OH. As his concerns reflect on the NAmerican secessionist movement in whole, the movement deserves the courtesy to know what those concerns are. Mr. Sale’s email is as follows:

“I don’t have any clear idea of what you are planning for October, or why, and you might have consuloted (sic) me before embarking on this, but I would ask you to consider changing the name of the meeting, for it will clearly not be a Congress, as were my three events, as that means official delegates from independent organizations (as the members of the Philadelphia Congresses in 1770s).  ‘Convention’ would fit your bill.

“BTW, there was never any congress slated for Texas.  It was a possible site if I determined there was enough secessionist action going on to merit another gathering of delegates; I haven’t so far.”

Mr. Sale’s feigning of ignorance as to what is being planned for October is a bit of a stretch. Prior to last November’s Third North American Secessionist Convention, I had hoped to place a motion on the agenda for the creation of the NASC. To this end, again prior to the Convention and as a first-time Convention delegate, I asked Mr. Sale if he would broker an introduction to a seconder for the motion. He declined. Furthermore, I asked him if he would consider allowing his name to stand as the NASC inaugural Chair, should the motion make it to the floor and pass. There was no response to this question, ergo a negative. As the motion was built into a PowerPoint presentation and, as the A/V equipment that was promised me was not delivered and, as the meeting was not conducted conducive to presenting a motion (Mr. Sale held the “Chair”), the motion was not presented. Not only did Mr. Sale show indifference to the idea of an NASC, but via his conduct he was actually hostile towards it. Since that time, Mr. Sale fails to understand (or purports to not understand) the several posts on my blogs beginning with NAmerican Secessionist Movement Asleep-At-The-Wheel dated January 9, 2009. (Email records for all of the above available on request.)

Whom I choose to approach and work with is my prerogative. I was not aware that it was necessary to pander to Mr. Sale’s approval and endorsement as to what I choose to “embark” on. I have asked for support within the secessionist community towards the building of the NASC and slowly that support has and is materializing. Trust is not a freebie; it must be earned. A Steering Committee is in place. I work with whom I share a certain degree of synergy, political affiliation and common vision. This is not exactly rocket science.

By claiming that “his” three events constituted a Congress, Mr. Sale would seem to be treating the truth somewhat cavalierly. As a matter of fact, The Middlebury Institute has gone out of its way to bill its events as conventions. What else, pray tell, could they be? There is no executive, no officers, no due parliamentary process as per Roberts’ Rules, a unilateral rubber-stamping of the “declarations” without full delegate input, etc. In short, a legal, incorporated entity that represents the North American secessionist movement does not exist. However, there is a one-man think tank with a mandate of “the study of separatism, secession, and self-determination” that purports to do all of the above. To now claim that The Middlebury Institute has the rights to the notion of a secessionist Congress, after having out rightly rejected that very notion at the Third North American Secessionist Convention, could seemingly be seen to border on political panic and intellectual theft.

Ditto above re Mr. Sale’s claim that the proposed inaugural meeting of the NASC would fit the bill of “convention.” It would seem that he is now desperately clutching at straws. We get to make our own beds, and then we get to sleep in them.

Lastly, for any delegate at the Third North American Secessionist Convention who had the ears with which to hear, it was firmly decided that the Fourth Convention (since cancelled by Mr. Sale) would be held in Texas. It was not a “possible site” and certainly was it not a possible site dependent on Mr. Sale’s “determination.” Or maybe it was. Who can actually determine these things within an organizational vacuum wherein accountability constitutes a nebulous after-thought?

The overabundant use of first-person directives by Mr. Sale merely highlights the obvious: there is no Congress, there is no organization, there is no coordination, there is no plan, there is no executive, there is no democratic process, there is no reaching out to the public, there is no accountability, and there is no responsibility. The efforts being made by the NASC Steering Committee towards the launch of the NASC are efforts to fill this dangerous and self-defeating void. Mr. Sale may find it difficult to believe, but this effort is for the eventual benefit of not only him, but for the benefit of all secessionists, myself included, who are currently floundering around in a sea of directionless futility, yet are convinced that NAmerican secession will be the political wave of the future within several short years. These are crucial times that warrant crucial decisions and responsibilities. That the consequences of the latter for the NAmerican secessionist movement will likewise be crucial should be self-evident. It is beyond any one individual.

(NASC Steering Committee Update: The Committee currently sits at three members. Several invitations-to-sit have been refused. Invitations pending are to representatives of Texas, the West Coast and Quebec. We hope to top off the Committee at five members.)

HCR 6 Disappears and Igor Panarin Reappears

In a stunning vote in the New Hampshire House to-day, the States’ Rights Bill HCR 6, was defeated by a vote of 216-150. The Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers declared that the House Members voted “in violation of their oath of office.”

This one is not over by a long shot. Rep. Dan Itse and his co-sponsors of HCR 6 are to be congratulated…and saluted. Has the House vote inadvertently handed Rep. Itse the State’s Governorship during the next gubernatorials? I guess we all get to stay tuned on that one.

Thanks go out to Harold Thomas at The Ohio Republic, not only for being so on top of this story, but also for the very important work he is doing in the States’ Right community, especially rounding up support for Ohio’s bid.

On another note to-day, Igor Panarin, the Russian analyst who is becoming somewhat of a secessionist poster boy, was back in the news, this time via an AP story that was picked up by both MSNBC and Fox News, Russian analyst: U.S. will collapse next year. Canada’s National Newswatch linked to the Fox article.

Mr. Panarin and his hypothesis for U.S. implosion first broke last November and then the story was picked up by the WSJ on December 29. What is popping my antennae is the “legs” that the story is being given by the corporate media. First the WSJ and now MSNBC. Makes one wonder, yes?

As a commenter pointed out over at ClubOrlov, the word “collapse” is more and more creeping into the mainstream media, e.g. The collapse of manufacturing in The Economist…along with the notion of Peak Oil.

The Secessionist Mycelium: Introduction

(As of March 1, 2009, a parallel Blogger blog, with a more focused mandate and audience, runs parallel to this WordPress blog. The Blogger blog is The Secessionist Mycelium [thanks to eyeballs]. The two different platforms, WordPress and Blogger, have different features, both of which need to be taken advantage of. Post content is duplicated in each. Whichever suits your fancy.)

Having attended the Third North American Secessionist Convention in Manchester, NH this past November, three things became very clear:


  1. Delegate coordination and support, and media coverage of the secessionist movement were drastically weak and counter-productive relative to the pending conditions of empire collapse;
  2. Events were quickly far out-stripping and out-distancing the philosophical positioning of the movement and its ability to be representative of those events;
  3. The existing organizational structure to effectively coordinate the NAmerican secessionist movement was terribly lacking and, by virtue of a haphazard organizational initiative, was sadly undemocratic.

None of these observations is meant in any way to denigrate from the work invested by individuals and secessionist organizations over the past three years to kick-start the NAmerican secessionist dialogue. At any given time, we do what we can with the resources at-hand. However, there comes a time at the early stages of the life-cycle of any organization and/or movement when it is necessary to claw one’s way up to the next level. That time has arrived.

As a sub-item of the first point above, i.e. lack of delegate coordination and support, it was also apparent that the secessionist movement was not well-represented by two major demographics: Peak Oilers and disillusioned, bioregional Greens, to both of which secession is practically an automatic fit.

Two other events have come into play since the Third North American Secessionist Convention. The first is, of course, the wild-fire flourishing of the States’ Rights movement in the United States. The second event is the assertive, secessionist re-positioning of both the federal Bloc Quebecois and the provincial Parti Quebecois in Canada.

Taking the above conditions into consideration and after initial dialogue with other secessionists, it has been decided to bring into play a Steering Committee to pull together the inaugural meeting of the North American Secessionist Congress in Columbus, OH on October 16-18, 2009. The status of this proposed historic event is still “tentative.” However, work is underway by the Steering Committee to firstly solidify its own legitimacy and then to probe for and determine support for holding the Columbus meeting.

Please check in on a periodic basis to see how things are going as we prepare to trudge towards Columbus.

See also: NAmerican Secessionist Movement Asleep-At-The-Wheel

The Globalists Are Panicking

A political notion that up to now had been smugly swept under the rug by liberal theorists and apologists as a thing of the past, as a quaint sidebar within the heralded “end of ideology” ideology, has re-surfaced. It has been uttered by none other than the Rockefeller globalist, Zbigniew Brzezinski. The skeleton-in-the-closet that Dr. Brzezinski has unleashed is class conflict:

“And if we don’t get some sort of voluntary National Solidarity Fund, at some point there’ll be such political pressure that Congress will start getting in the act, there’s going to be growing conflict between the classes and if people are unemployed and really hurting, hell, there could be even riots.”

The Empire is politically and morally bankrupt. Industrial civilization hacks in its death throes. The runaway freight teeters on the Post-Peak Oil plateau, any day to enter onto the uncontrolled depletion curve of scarcity and deprivation. The perception of “the condition” slowly sifts down to street level where it is lived and felt, though not necessarily understood. Why would it be understood? There is no political medium to teach it.

It would seem that Dr. Brzezinski has twigged on the rising States’ Rights movement as impetus to his new-found philanthropy. Being no slouch of a geo-political analyst, he likely knows that the movement is the precursor of a full-fledged secessionist movement on the North American continent. He knows the game. He knows the drivers. He knows the stakes involved. Unfortunately, it would seem that he does not know that it is an impossibility to halt the runaway freight of full-blown entropy unleashed. It is a physical law, as true as is the law of gravity: the world rushes towards maximum disorder. Look about you. Pick up a newspaper. There it is, staring you right in the face.

Dr. Brzezinski rightly identifies a gutted and alienated middle class as the source of his concerns. This is the political demographic, with responsible and mature co-ordination, that will push the secessionist movement into mainstream political discourse. The time approaches for NAmerican secessionists to begin knocking on the doors of chambers of commerce and rotary clubs.

HCR 0006 Media Twins: Alex Jones and Glenn Beck

In an addendum to the post HCR 0006 Setback, there was featured an interview of NH State Rep. Dan Itse by Fox News’ Glenn Beck. The spin on that interview should be as evident as the corporate interests served and the television demographic targeted.

Counter the latter with an interview of Rep. Itse by Alex Jones. The same dynamics hold, only with inversed degree and political motive. Beck and Jones constitute a journalistic yin-yang around HCR 0006 with Rep. Itse walking the line of the S-Curve that separates/unites the two hemispheres.

(Note: The interview with Jones actually preceded the interview with Beck.)